Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We had lots of fun this Memorial Day weekend! It all started Saturday morning, at Torcaso Park. If you haven't been yet, you should really go. It's a very quiet park in Winter Springs. What makes it fun is it not only has a play area, but a fountain, which is something most toddlers love! Myles, Daddy and I had a ball as the only three people running around in the fountain for about 45 minutes. Once he'd had enough, we played on the playground until it was a little too hot for comfort. It was a great morning and once again, free. Do you see a pattern with me?

On Sunday, after a very busy morning completing tons of errands, we finally headed to Ocala to Meme and Papa's house at around 2 p.m. Myles had been begging all morning to go. He knew it was Sunday and that was the day we were going. We played in the pool for well over an hour and had a nice dinner that night. We watched Disney Cars (of course) and called it a night. 

On Monday, we had a BBQ planned by the pool. We spent lots of time swimming again; for a while just me and Myles. We played and played, took a short snooze and then spent some time outside with family. It was lots of fun for our boy, as EVERYONE was around...Mommy, Daddy, Meme, Papa, Gramma Mac, Aunt Jayme, Uncle Justin and Shannon. Jayme had just celebrated her birthday on the 23rd so we had some cake after we ate grilled chicken, burgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad and whatever else we could stuff in our bellies. These holiday weekends are perfect times to reconnect with family and spend time outdoors. It helps to have a pool to enjoy, especially in the Florida heat. Now it's back to the routine!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We finished Kindermusik!

Myles is officially a Kindermusik graduate! We had our last class this morning with him still pretty much ignoring much of the structure of the class and choosing to run laps around the perimeter while occasionally bolting out the door and running down the hall. We probably won't sign up again (I don't think I could stand chasing after him like that for another 15 weeks) but it as a good experience and we came away with Myles understanding music better and even playing a few games to music (like the "fall down" game and "floating down the river"). I've looked into what else is available for children his age in this area and there is no shortage of options. We're considering taking swimming lessons again over the summer but it will largely depend on whether we can take an evening class and what the cost is. Unfortunately, like many other families, we are cutting back to cover expenses like gas and food. We're also considering putting him in a tumbling class, which I know he will enjoy. Of course, we were enrolled in Gymboree for a year so it is still around, as well as several Gymboree knock-offs like Little Gym.

What classes have your kids had good experiences with?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Sleep struggles

We have a problem. Our 2 year-old does not want to sleep. I thought this was a problem with newborns...or teenagers! Not my 2 year-old! But here we's a big struggle to get him to bed every night. If Bill and I don't thoroughly WEAR HIM OUT for at least a solid hour in the evening, he will fight bedtime tooth and nail. And mind you, bedtime is often not until 9pm.

Last night we made the mistake of staying inside for the evening. Myles and I sat on the porch for about 20 minutes playing with some of his cars and enjoying the nice breeze, but we certainly weren't burning any energy. And we paid. It was 9:30 when he finally closed his eyes for the night. I told my husband that at least we could probably expect him to sleep until 7 or 7:30, rather than his usual 6:30. Not so. At 6:00 sharp, his door swung open. He waltzed into our room, where it was still pitch dark, and declared, "Mama, up!" My response: "Myles, night-night!" And it went from there, with him remaining awake, on only 8.5 hours of sleep! This is less time than Bill and I try to get each night! Is this for real?

On the bright side, I do look forward to seeing that smiling face each morning. I just wish he'd wait until the sun was out and I was a little more refreshed. If anyone has any comments on how to get a 2 year-old to sleep more, I'm all ears!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

6 quirky things about me!

Following suit, from Jennifer at Another Online Mom, I am going to tell you six quirky things about me.

1. I love to travel and see new places, but I H-A-T-E to fly! I actually hate flying more and more as I get older.

2. I wind down at night by playing Freecell Solitaire.

3. I am a severe introvert and often wish I had friends, but yet I choose to have hobbiees like blogging (and playing Freecell), which are things people typically do alone.

4. My husband and I are only planning to have one child.

5. If I weren't in my current career, I would try to work for an NHL hockey team.

6. I have seen Disney's Cars Movie at least 50 times. It's Myles' absolute favorite!

Okay, I tag Katy to go next!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mothering through emptiness

So my grandmother passed away unexpectedly May 1. I was shocked and numb. She lived in Philadelphia so I flew up Monday morning to attend the funeral and be with family. After much thought and prayer, I decided not to take Myles for a variety of reasons...the plane rides, having to attend a funeral, seeing people he knows and loves in such sad states, staying in a house with 2 flights of stairs, and more. 

I have to say as empty as I felt about my nana's death - and as difficult as it was to attend her funeral and write and read a eulogy - it doesn't compare to the emptiness I felt as I missed Billy and Myles. I spoke to him on the phone every night and he would ask for me in the morning. I did my best to prepare him for my departure by telling him Mama was getting on the big jet the day before and the day I departed. But he still cried when dropping me off and watching me walk away and my heart sank. I've tried to be peppy and energetic with him, as this is what he loves, but it's still tough as I continue to grieve. 

Billy did a great job keeping him active while I was gone. Both evenings I was gone they spent outdoors. We decided to keep that up tonight, on my first night back home. We picked him up together from Jade. I've never been held so tightly...what a feeling!!! Myles ran so hard and fast at me, he almost knocked me over. And he wouldn't let go, even to get into his car seat. When we left, we picked up Tijuana Flats to go and had a picnic at Phelps Park, followed by lots and lots of outdoor play. It was great family time and did a wonderful job to pick me up out of these doldrums I've been in for the last week. 

It's funny. When I'm having a day...or even a rough mommy moment...I often secretly long for some time away. But after having that, I found that nothing replaces my wonderful child. My heart literally thirsted for him every minute of every day. So I learned a much needed lesson about myself...those great days of being married without kids, and without a care in the world? I'd never, ever take them back.