Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back from my blogging holiday

Okay, I admit it's been over 3 weeks since I have posted on this blog. Truth is, I've stayed very busy, between returning to work on Jan. 5 with lots to do, celebrating my birthday on the 9th, badly bruising my tailbone on the 12th, continuing to train for my next 5k and upcoming 10k (although taking a week off after the tailbone incident), and carting Myles around to various places and events. It's all been fun. Well, except for the tailbone injury.

Today, I am making an attempt to get back into the swing of blogging by talking about making weeknights fun. This is so much tougher than weekends, after working a full day and needing to cook dinner, give baths, etc. Time is very limited.

For us, we try to devote two of the five weeknights to something fun for Myles. At minimum, we take one night per week. Last night was one of those nights, as we went to see Mr. Richard's monthly free show at a local Chick Fil-A. We hadn't been in about two months to this event and Myles was so thrilled to be there! He spent lots of time dancing, gave two song requests, and spent about a half hour in the indoor playground. It only cost the three of us $15 for the night and we were well fed and smiling from a lighthearted, fun night.

Another weeknight option is local library storytimes. Our local library just stopped offering their nighttime storytime, but I know many libraries still do. It's free and relaxing. Sometimes, we just go and get ice cream at night. Sometimes, we brave Chuck E Cheese, which is always more pleasant on a weeknight than a weekend. When daylight savings begins, we visit local parks at dusk.

There are lots of options and many are very low cost. For my family, it's good to reconnect on Myles' level more than just on the weekends. Even if it means a little later bedtime than normal.