Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy, busy

I was on a cruise from Aug. 29-Sept. 6 and am just starting to come up for air. Never knew how much it takes out of you to be gone for so long.

I'm way behind on my updates so here's a (very) quick overview.

1. Billy and I celebrated 10 years on 9.5 while on the cruise ship! We had a wonderful time and visited Cozumel, Costa Rica and Panama. You can see a link to our photos here. We did not take Myles and it is the LAST time we'll do a vacation w/o him. We missed him terribly and talked to him very little due to the sky-high costs of calling someone while on a ship.

2. Myles turned 3.5 years old on 9.13 and we celebrated w/ a trip to Sea World and a cute alligator cake that he picked out. I posted a couple of photos below.

I'll try to catch up w/ everyone this week. Hope you are all well!


~~Mel~~ said...

Jenna, what spectacular pictures! I'm so glad you guys enjoyed yourselves...well besides missing Myles but that's totally normal.

Were you always blonde? For some reason I always thought you had dark hair lol.

Happy 1/2 Birthday Myles.

jane said...

Congrats! More happy years to come to you and Billy. Thanks for sharing a photo of your cute boy. Good luck on everything. By the way, these free gift cards might interest you too. Have a blessed day!